Producers of Spain

Since 1987 our objective is to develop organic fruits and vegetables productions that respect the earth, the environment, the farmer and the consumer.

For more than 20 years our partnership with Spanish producers is in line with this philosophy.


Organic agriculture in Spain, a wide range of production zones…

Thanks to its continental climate in the central areas and the Mediterranean climate in the South, Spain completes our national offer when necessary.

Madrid: Red berries and market gardening

Aragon: Wide variety of quality fruits and vegetables

Andalusia: Exotic and citrus fruits in the South, Ratatouille vegetables in the North

Murcia: Citrus fruits and green vegetables (cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli…)


In partnership with the producers, for a quality agriculture

The products from our Spanish production are the result of a 20-year-partnership with local farmers.

Trading control, led by ProNatura’s sales department in Malaga, guarantees the monitoring of 130 market gardeners and arborists. In 2015, around 10 000 tons of Spanish organic fruits and vegetables were traded, in compliance with the European regulations (1) and ProNatura’s requirements.

Our requirements for the Spanish production translate into:

  • 80 product samples per year, meaning that more than 160 analysis are carried out, with more than 500 analysed molecules each time, which makes Spain the second controlled-most origin of our analysis annual plan (after France)
  • Annual monitoring audits and regular ground audits.
  • GLOBALG.A.P (2) certification for the majority of our Spanish producers.
  • Permanent contact between our providers and our sales department in the heart of production in Malaga, Spain.

(1) For the whole European Union, the regulation (CE) nº834/2007 specifies the rules regarding the production, transformation, distribution, import, control and labelling of organic products. It is completed with other applicable regulations such as (CE) nº889/2008.

(2) GLOBALG.A.P is a private reference at first used just for the fruits and vegetables industry, following the initiative of retailers in Northern Europe in 1997. The objective is to guarantee the maximum safety of the products offered to the distributors.