Our values and our commitments


In accordance with the principles of organic agriculture: Health, Fairness, Ecology and Care, we base our activities and development on five main values:mur de valeur pour image web ANG


Our job is to preserve the earth and the environment. Our philosophy is to respect humans.


We reduce distancesin order to get closer to the farmers and the consumers.


Intrinsic value of organic agriculture, it ensures the maintenance of a universal and essential balance.


Healthy relationships with our farmers and clients result in a lasting and constructive cooperation.


Key figure in our credibility, the trust that you place in us depends on it.



Through the dynamisation and development of organic fruits and vegetables productions, ProNatura commits to participate in the growth of this production mode, in its human, ecologic and economic dimensions, in order to:


  • Tie the links between the earth and its farmer
  • Participate in the maintenance of farming agriculture
  • Bring the consumer and the farmer back together by introducing products that represent all guarantees in terms of alimentary safety
  • Favour the growing of varieties with proven nutritional and taste qualities
  • Reconcile agricultural production and respect for the environment



ProNatura guarantees that its commitments fit in with its values and with the organic agriculture principles of ecology, health, fairness and care.

Organic agriculture is, by nature, a long term activity. The required time for transforming land (two years minimum), mastering its very precise agronomical techniques, renouncing to any synthetic chemicals, as well as to soften the production hazards, implies that any real development involves commitments over several years.