Our services

At ProNatura, each client benefits from the services of a trading consultant based in the region, fruits and vegetables professional who carries out a tailor-made monitoring in order to establish real, good and long-lasting relationships. Each seller knows his client, the characteristics linked to his store, localisation, catchment area, and so is capable to offer the most adapted products.

Our logistics department works daily to deliver in time to all of our clients, in France and abroad.

Moreover, more brands and packaging are available to answer all demands and markets.

In addition to this, it is important to us to provide our clients with all necessary tools for a good handling of their shelves and the information of the final consumers.

It’s good to grow organic fruits and vegetables, but give information on the production and assist the clients is even better!

We also offer practical formation sessions aimed at section managers as well as communication documents for the clients.

Organic specialised magazines can also benefit from our loyalty programme, the 100% bion’heur club, which offers presents depending on the buys.

Marketing tools for our clients

Marketing tools for our clients

The needs of a final consumer and the ones of a store, as well as the information they require, are different. While the former are eager to get information on the production or...