The company’s head offices are historically based in Cavaillon, and benefit from an exceptional localisation, as they are in the heart of a big production basin. Actually, organic agriculture in Provence represents more than 15% of the region’s agriculture. (


Cavaillon, in the heart of Provence’s basin:

This historical production of ProNatura gathers 150 farmers, who provide the majority of the local products. The relationship linking the producers to ProNatura was materialised in 2009, with the creation of Mediterrabio, “Provence’s organic farmers”. lien vers site mediterrabio. This association gathers around 37 ProNatura farmers from bordering regions.

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ProNatura Provence, ProNatura’s head office

The Company’s management and its derived departments are based in Cavaillon: Human Ressources, quality, finance, accounting, marketing and IT deparments.

In addition to this, you can find Cavaillon’s purchases/sales departments, logistics and everything related to the activity of the warehouse (sorting, preparation, dispatching).

Five packaging lines are dedicated to pre-packaged products.


The infrastructure is equipped with 5 banana-ripening rooms.

23 500 tons of goods are dispatched from Cavaillon each year.


ProNatura Provence’s certifications

AB – IFS – Fairtrade MaxHavelaar -ESR – Demeter – BioSuisse (further information on our certificates here)


ProNatura Provence

754 Av. Pierre Grand MIN – BP107 FR – 84303 Cavaillon Cedex Tél : +33 (0) 4 90 78 73 00