ProNatura in Rungis


Since 2015 we are present in the 100% organic market area of Rungis market. In order to make the offer clearer, organic wholesalers gathered together and this new meeting point is unavoidable for all our clients, organic fruits and vegetables professionals: organic retailers, restaurateurs, stallholders and industrialists.

A big organic market, essential meeting point for professionals

On an 1800sq m surface, equipped with 350 pallet storage locations and 8 loading bays, our clients can pick up the goods themselves or having them delivered. A total of 15 0000 parcels per day pass through ProNatura Rungis.

In order to guarantee more freshness, the products are delivered by night, so that they are dispatched the same day. From 3am our team is ready to receive and sort the goods so that everything is ready for the market’s opening at 5am. Preparation teams relieve each other until 11pm in order to better serve the clients.

In order to guarantee the products quality, a sorting laboratory wholly controls the goods passing through ProNatura Rungis. ProNatura uses a unique barcode readers system in order to facilitate the logistics, trade and traceability operations.

This new trading and logistics infrastructure is equipped with CO2 transcritical refrigeration with insignificant impact on global warming.

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Every profession has its exigencies, and we have tailored-answers for each client:

Among all Rungis wholesalers, ProNatura is the owner of the biggest fruits and vegetables selling space in Rungis (conventional included), more than 30 collaborators work every day in order to serve all ProNatura Rungis clients.

Are you a stallholder or an organic specialised retailer? Come discover our offer and ask for our ABC with everything you need to know about our products, production and commitments. Are you a restaurateur? Our teams will direct you towards the best seasonable products in order to create your menu. Are you an organic wholesaler, a catering professional? Our organics fruits will meet all your expectations.

Are you a buyer for supermarkets or hypermarkets? We plan our crops according to your needs and offer a wide range of pre-packed fruits and vegetables with Les Paysans Bio brand. You are not one of our clients yet? Come visit us, our teams will show you around the area and answer all your questions in our friendly reception room.


More information on the organic covered market :

ProNatura 11 rue des Savoies Bâtiment D6 – Secteur PLA 94599 Rungis cedex Tel : 01 41 73 50 00 / Fax : 01 41 73 50 01

Our selling point is opened from Monday to Friday from 5am to 12.30pm (and Saturdays from 5am to 10am).

Download our access map here: Plan Rungis 2016 halle biod6