Our Profession

Since 1987, we offer organic fruits and vegetables, respecting the earth, the environment, the farmers and the consumers.

We are committed to promote the diversity of French regions, the quality of regional products and the human know-how in order to offer what the nature has best to offer.

During our different travel journeys looking for organic farmers, we share that philosophy so that the organic farmers, earth lovers from all over the world, join our cause.



ProNatura, developer of 100% organic fruits and vegetables productions.

Our mission is to adapt the needs of every distribution circuit to the production capacities, in a local and coordinate way, and to enable a global valorisation of the organic sector.

At ProNatura, we accompany organic farmers

Encouraged by our will to improve the quality and taste of the organic fruits and vegetables of the areas where we work (Provence, Bretagne, Rousillon, Morocco, Togo…), we daily accompany our partners:

  • Assisting in the organic certification procedures and the legislation in force
  • Helping to master the production rules and standards (GlobalGap…)
  • Selecting the varieties adapted to the region and the organic agriculture specifications, and to the distributors and consumers’ expectations.
  • Technically assisting the organic farmers in the farming management, the harvest’s organisation and the “post-production” (packaging, cold storage…)
  • Financing the organic certification, giving advances on the harvest, investment support…
  • Planning campaigns and committing to commercialise the planned harvests.
  • Testing the crops and commercialising ancient varieties chosen for their taste.


Our agronomists assist and guide the farmers

In order to assist our organic farmers and provide quality agronomical monitoring, since 1987, we are accompanied by “organic specialists”…

These experts, known for their know-how, take part in the setting up of the farming routes and schedules, in the production costs’ management and in the implementation of the quality standards set by the market.

Their agronomical advises concern mainly:

  • The profile analysis based in soil trenches
  • The global diagnosis of the soil fertility
  • The reduction of the inputs by controlling the quantity of the provided organic materials
  • The elaboration, for each fruit or vegetable, of technical specifications and a planning determining the varieties as well as the seeding, planting and harvesting dates
  • The monitoring of the phytosanitary protection
  • Assistance in conversion


First organic fruits and vegetables provider in France.

We select the products that best correspond to the demand in terms of variety, taste, origin, price, packaging… for each market (specialised stores, catering, hypermarkets and supermarkets, export, organic wholesalers, industry).


Multiple services:

  • A dedicated commercial, expert in organic fruits and vegetables, and a customised monitoring.
  • Up to 300 fruits and vegetables’ references offered daily.
  • Merchandising and section management advices.
  • Information and marketing tools (PLV, posters, newsletter…)
  • Webpage, Extranet, Facebook page.
  • Certified professional formation (Bio Academy).
  • Assistance in opening stores
  • Products’ launch in stores.
  • Managing export documents: phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, documents legalisation by the chamber of commerce.