Organic Fruits

The organic fruit we distribute is grown and harvested in compliance with the organic agriculture regulations, respecting the earth and the environment, by farmers willing to preserve natural resources.

We collaborate with multiple French farmers, but also with Italian, Spanish and African farmers, in order to offer trustful and quality organic fruits. Our partners share our ecologic values and our commitments.

Our organic fruit in France:

France, thanks to its diverse regions, grows multiple organic fruits: peaches/nectarines in the South-West, apricots in Nyons, apples in Savoy or Pays de la Loire, strawberries in Provence and Bretagne, plums in Alsace, kiwis in Ardèche, among many others.

Our clients can find a wide range of local organic fruits in their seasonal offers.

Our organic fruit in Italy and Spain:

We commit to offer local and seasonable organic fruit all year long. Our lasting partnership with our Italian neighbours enable us to extend the seasons, with apples, pears or kiwis.

We also offer, thanks to our partnership with Italy and Spain, quality citrus fruits (oranges, mandarins, clementines, lemons…). Like our local productions, this farmers are regularly audited and visited by our technical and commercial teams.

Our commitments on organic fruits mass import

Moroccan organic citrus fruits

We have been based in Morocco for about 25 years, our objective being to perpetuate the oranges, mandarins and lemons productions, grown in ten small farms. Over the years, this project was structured and developed thanks to ProNatura Morocco’s commitment (assistance and formation, harvest organisation, post-harvest monitoring…). Nowadays, this partnership translates into a quality Moroccan citrus fruits production and enables us to offer to our clients’ high quality varieties like Washington blood oranges or exclusive varieties like Afurer mandarins.

Organic exotic fruits

Mango from Burkina Faso, pineapple from Togo, passion fruit from Cameroon, litchi from Madagascar… Our organic exotic fruit offer is wide, again thanks to long-lasting relationships with producers from all around the world.

Organic banana

We trade organic bananas from the Dominican Republic since 1998. Throughout the years, we have established real connexions with producers. The trust links enable us to offer you high quality fruits all year long. Thanks to this partnership, we guarantee that 100% of the bananas we import respect the French and European organic agriculture legislation in force. Moreover, we technically accompany producers, trying to increase their productivity, the only way of improving their revenues.

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