Organic Purées

Following the juices success, the assortment has been extended over the past years.

Nowadays, our organic fruit purées also contribute to the assortment success.


Organic purée or organic compote?

Unlike a classic compote, which contains added sugars, our purées are 100% fresh fruit and without added sugars. Therefore, they are not compotes, but pure purées which only ingredient is fruit.


A sole producer in the heart of the assortment

The whole organic fruit purées assortment turns around the apple, grown in Provence by Bernard Sarnette.

Natural or combined with other fruits, each of the references is an invitation to travel to our French or foreign regions.


Bernard Sarnette is a Demeter certified organic arborist from Vignères since 1980. He is the third generation to grow his 20Ha of orchards, mostly apple trees.


The wide range of apple varieties grown by Bernard such as Gala, Rennets, Fuji, Chantecler and Pinova, result in a fruited specialty, naturally sweet.


Our organic fruit purées catalogue:

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