The Producers’ Assortment has also ready meals made with organic vegetables.


Organic ready meals from Provence

Most of the organic ready meals of our assortment are elaborated with fresh aubergines and courgettes grown in Vergèze, by Pierre Olivier Audema.

Pierre-Olivier works in his 45Ha of land carrying out diverse market gardening. He grows aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, spinaches, peas, melons and lettuces outdoors.

These original recipes with fresh vegetables harvested and cooked in Provence are known for their high quality and because they are easy to use:

  • Ready-made boiled aubergines, ratatouille and couscous vegetables
  • Add a bit of cream and 4 eggs to the courgette or aubergine bread preparations before cooking them
  • Mix semolina and a vegetables jar and put it in the fridge for a delicious tabbouleh

Delicious mushrooms!

To get exceptional recipes and everyday dishes, our organic mushrooms assortment is made to meet all exigencies.


Olives as snack

Having a snack before eating is undoubtedly a pleasant moment to share. It is also a moment during which we do not always respect alimentary balance. For those consumers who care about their diet, we offer a tasty and natural alternative: fresh flavoured olives!

Our olives assortment offers incomparable taste and smoothness, thanks to original and varied combinations of olives, vegetables and spices, marinated in colza oil.


Our organic ready meals catalogue:

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